EmberField Heart Collective EcoVillage

Our community in Missouri is a network of nomadic living, deeply connected through eco villages and interwoven by visits to one another, inspiring people to embark on their land projects and fostering cooperation, collaboration, and sharing.

At Emberfield Heart Collective Ecovillage, we are driven by a shared commitment to intergenerational progress. Our vision is twofold: to provide a lasting home for our members and to serve as a living testament to intentional communities. We stand as an alternative way of life, demonstrating the art of off-grid living and educating through the experience of community living.

Our core values revolve around consensus, parenting, education, birth, child care, body autonomy, homesteading, activism, and conflict resolution through compassionate communication. We believe in expressing our ideas through the mediums of living life sustainably, art, performance, theater, and music.

Here, we unite around common desires:

  1. Sustainable Food: We prioritize food grown without chemical fertilizers, ensuring our meals are as natural as the world around us.
  1. Pure Water: We cherish water that’s free from pollutants, chemicals, and toxins, nurturing our bodies and the earth.
  1. Natural Structures: Our homes are constructed using locally sourced, rescued, and reused materials, encouraging outdoor living and sustainability.
  1. Community Living: We thrive in close-knit groups while fostering communication, collaboration, cooperation, and sharing with other like-minded communities.
  1. Giving and Receiving: We believe in giving willingly and receiving with gratitude, strengthening the bonds that tie us together.

Emberfield Heart Collective Ecovillage stands as an inspiration for individuals seeking to unite with friends and form communities. We practice cooperation, collaboration, and sharing while learning to harmonize with nature. Join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and interconnected future. 

Because this community is made up of so many families and existing communities, membership and visitation is by invitation only. Please read below on how to get involved.

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Get Involved

To be a part of our long term community, we are looking for commitment and affinity. Start by attending one of our public events and through our network of communities. Please do not come to our community or any related communities without an invitation or public event.

If you would like to donate financially, you can do so on PayPal with @thepeoplesproject501c3 through our fiscal sponsor “ The People’s Project” or on Cash App using this cashtag: $sharethelandtrust

There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back again later.

Please do not come to Emberfield without first contacting us.

You can email us at emberfieldheartcollective@gmail.com